Union of Democratic Labs

What is the UDL?

The Union of Democratic Laboratories (UDL) is a scientific society and advocacy group that fights for the bottom-up expansion of radical democracy in the everyday practice of social science. We believe that fighting for an equitable world requires doing equitable science. 

Our central goal is to establish standards for fair, humane, and accountable practices governing how laboratories are run and how workers in scientific workplaces are treated, then advocate for those practices to be widely adopted. 

Want to Read About Our Values? See our Mission Statement, and this article in Behavioral Scientist that details what we stand for. 

We are here to support you in your advocacy efforts. Do you have a particular issue you wish to address? Let us know and we will help you organize, provide you with available resources (including direct funds), connect you with other UDL members, and promote your efforts. 

Membership in the UDL is open to all, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, academic staff, and members of the public. Fill out the survey below to join!

The UDL was founded in August 2020 by Jeff Lees.   


Membership in the UDL is open to all, whether you are a student, post-doc, faculty, staff, or members of the public. Membership requires no financial commitments. Anyone interested in improving and equalizing the scientific process is welcome! 

Membership Survey: Our membership survey is below! You can also find a link to the survey here

The UDL Slack: Want to get involved? Join the UDL's Slack channel and begin collaborating and organizing with other members! CLICK HERE to join our Slack.

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